Laser tattoo removal – a safe and effective procedure for tattoo removal

Posted on 20 Mar, 2011

Do you want to eliminate those unwanted tattoos from your body? Are you looking for a harmless and effective procedure? If yes, then opting for laser tattoo removal is the best option. The procedure involves breaking down of ink (or pigments) within a tattoo into small particles. After the treatment is completed, these particles are absorbed by the skin.

How laser tattoo removal procedure works

Laser therapy is good for removing professional tattoos. These tattoos are pigments that are injected deep into the skin layer called dermis. The tattoo is fixed into a position by the nearby collagen layers. These layers effectively lock the tattoo making it difficult for removal. The laser device emits intense light beams that transfer energy to the designated source. This light beam is then absorbed by a specific pigment within the tattoo.

Number of treatment sessions required

Removing a professional tattoo takes a bit longer compared to armature tattoos. Usually, a professional tattoo requires application of minimum of two lasers. For complete tattoo removal, at least 8-10 treatment sessions are required. On the other hand, an amateur tattoo may require a couple of treatment sessions.

Importance of taking a professional consultation

Laser tattoo removal procedure is not perfect for every skin type. While it offers effective results to some, others may not notice the desired results. Thus, you should first discuss it with your cosmetic surgeon. The doctor will inform you about the risks and benefits associated with the procedure.

It is also important to get a patch test done to find out how the tattoo reacts with the laser. This will also help to find out the type of laser to be used.