Laser surgeries have emerged as one of the most effective and popular skin treatments available today as it helps to treat a number of skin imperfections- including unwanted tattoos.

Many people get tattoos, only to regret them later and want them removed. In the past, excision and dermabrasion methods were used for tattoo removal. However, these methods were ineffective and painful. It could also cause scarring, which was another major disadvantage. On the other hand, newer laser techniques enable people to eliminate unwanted tattoos without any major side effects.

With advancements in technology, laser techniques have greatly improved, and even tattoo pigments in the deeper skin layers can be removed.

During the laser tattoo removal technique, a laser beam is directed at the top skin layers, and the absorption of the laser beam leads to fragmentation of the pigment.

In many cases, there is no need to apply an anaesthetic, although depending on the pain threshold of the patient and the location of the tattoo, the doctor may choose to use one.

So, if you have a tattoo which you no longer like, laser tattoo removal is a great option.