Laser tattoo removal – effective tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 03 Jan, 2010

Tattoos are a growing element of both mainstream and alternative culture, with many young people keen on decorating themselves with body art. Modern tattoos are made using electric tattoo machines with needles. The needle punctures the skin with an up and down motion. In order to make the tattoos more attractive, different colours are often applied.

For some people, the initial excitement at having a tattoo gradually wears off and they eventually wish they hadn’t decided to have it done. Tattoos are meant to be permanent so a great deal of thought ought to go into each design. However, if you are unhappy with your body art you can get it removed through laser treatment.

As tattoos are deeply applied beneath the skin, skin treatments such as chemical removal and dermabrasion cannot be used to remove the ink. Today, laser tattoo removal procedure is one of the most preferred methods, and it works by using pulses of highly concentrated light. This procedure targets the tattoo ink and breaks it down into small fragments. These fragments are cleared away by the body’s immune system. During the procedure, the selected area is targeted and the tattoo is destroyed without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues.