Laser tattoo removal – get to know more about the treatment

Posted on 14 Sep, 2010

Many people want to get rid of their tattoo due to various reasons like career prospects, embarrassment and poor self-image. Studies have shown than women seek tattoo removal more than men.

The ideal candidate for laser tattoo removal

If you have a tattoo and wish to get rid of it, then you should first consider whether you are the right candidate for the treatment or not. An ideal candidate for laser tattoo removal is one with who has fair or medium skin tone and who has a tattoo of a darker colour on the upper layers of the skin. The shading of the tattoo should be distinct from a dark colour, preferably black. Lasers work best with contrasting colours and this gives the best results in the fewest number of sessions.

Low prices and maximum benefits

Though the earlier laser treatments were on the expensive side, modern technology and increasing demand have brought down prices considerably. Advanced technology also comes with higher safety levels and improved results.

No side-effects

There are minimal or no side effects from this treatment. Some patients may suffer from mild scarring on the treated area but this goes within a day or two. With advanced technology, the chances of infection and loss of skin tone are greatly reduced. Once the area is completely healed, it looks as if it has not been surgically or chemically treated.

Cost of the treatment

The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on various factors like the colours used in the tattoo and whether the tattoo is done in a professional way or by an amateur. The size of the tattoo and its age will also be considered when determining cost.