Laser tattoo removal – how it works

Posted on 29 Jul, 2011

Methods which were used to remove tattoos in the past weren’t very pleasant, and they could actually be very painful for the person undergoing the procedure. What’s more, most tattoo removal treatments were ineffective or left unsightly scars behind.

All this is a thing of the past now that laser tattoo removal treatment has been perfected. It is widely used to quickly, effectively and painlessly remove tattoos from the skin.

Most people who are considering getting laser tattoo removal treatment are understandably curious as to how exactly it works. Let’s run through the stages of the procedure from start to finish…

1. Once an initial consultation has been completed, the area of skin is cleaned and prepared for treatment

2. The laser is used to gently apply pulses of light to the skin. The laser only makes contact with the skin for the briefest of moments.

3. At this point, the surface of the skin is likely to adopt a white/grey appearance. This is due to the microscopic bubbles of steam forming in the skin, but it only lasts a few minutes.

4. The application of the laser breaks down the pigment of the tattoo into tiny particles which the body’s immune system is able to get rid of

5. After approximately 12 treatments, the tattoo should fade and then disappear completely