Laser tattoo removal information

Posted on 12 Jan, 2011

The tattoo industry is booming. More people than ever are now people taking a keen interest in body art and expressing themselves by getting inked. Although the number of people getting tattoos is rising, the satisfaction as it seems is more short term than ever. According to a survey, one-tenth of the people who get a tattoo immediately regret their decision while 28 % admitted remorse after a month or so.

Laser technology today comes to the aid of those wanting to do away with their tattoos. The advances in the laser tattoo removal treatment process make it possible to partially and even completely get rid of a tattoo.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Dermatologists generally classify tattoos into different categories. This segregation is based on the different types of wavelengths which are required to remove the tattoo.

There are five groups of tattoos that include amateur, medicinal, professional, cosmetic and traumatic tattoos. Professional tattoos are multicoloured and require different wavelengths to be effectively altered. Such tattoos require multiple sessions for complete removal in comparison to amateur tattoos that may only need a few sessions to be removed.

The tattooed ink is blasted with pulses of concentrated light. This helps to break down the ink of the tattoo into small fragments. These tiny fragments of ink are then removed by the body’s immune system.

Tattoo removal in London

Laser tattoo removal clinics in London offer some of the most sophisticated procedures which guarantee to give some amazing tattoo removal results. The specialists assess the colour, design and the size of the tattoo before advising the required treatment. The solutions provided are cost-effective and well worth the endeavour.