Basically, tattoos are a picture design which is created with different inks and they are pressed under the skin using needles. In the past, crude ink and sharp sticks were used but now new technology is used to create a tattoo. In recent times, tattoos have become more popular because new technology such as tattoo guns, fade-resistant inks and, for safety measures, sterilized needles and gloves are used.

After getting a tattoo, some people may regret their choice as they get older and want to get rid of the tattoo. At this point, laser treatment plays an essential role to remove these tattoos.

In laser tattoo removal, the lasers are focused on the ink areas and the light waves break up the tattoo ink into various smaller particles which will be eventually cleared from the body by natural processes.

Some factors you need to consider
There is a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration during the tattoo removal process. For instance, tattoos which are small and are on the legs or arms are the easiest to remove. Newer inks are easy to remove and can usually be faded within a couple of sessions. Patients with a lighter skin tone are also better candidates for this process.

The removal treatment
Laser tattoo removal is very easy and takes several sessions. In each session, lasers are applied to the affected area which only takes a few minutes and then ice is applied on it to prevent swelling. In most cases, the whole treatment takes place in four to eight weeks, as it depends on the complexity and the size of the tattoo.