Laser tattoo removal is one of the safest ways to get rid of unwanted tattoos

Posted on 11 Dec, 2009

Laser treatment for removing tattoos is one of the most popular methods used today. In the procedure of laser tattoo removing, short series of light pulses of high intensity is used on the tattoo inked skin area. The whole process and the results of it are determined by factors including the size of the tattoo and the colour of both the tattoo and the skin it is on.

Darker coloured tattoos are very easy to remove. Tattoos with light colours, such as yellow and green, are difficult to remove. Lighter tattoos will, therefore, take more sessions of treatment to be completely removed.

During the tattoo removal process, a protective laser eyeglass is used to protect your eyes from the lasers. Sometimes, ice is also applied to the inked area before the actual procedure begins as a simple form of anaesthesia. Ice will sometimes be reapplied after the procedure.

With each session, the ink which is in the tattoo breaks into particles and then these particles are absorbed by the skin. This means that the tattoo will be getting lighter with each session. There are also different types of lasers which are used in removing unwanted tattoos. The selection of the lasers is done by the physician and it completely depends on the colour and size of the tattoos.