The most recent and innovative method of getting rid of tattoos from your body is laser tattoo removal. It is a new addition to the other methods of tattoo removal. Many types of research and studies conducted on the success rate of laser tattoo removal have revealed that laser treatment is better than creams and dermabrasion.

Prior to opting for laser tattoo removal, you must consult a physician. It is important to consult a dermatologist as they will determine your skin type and suggest an appropriate removal method accordingly. The skin tone of the person is of primary concern. It is actually easier to remove tattoos from pale skin than darker skin.

Laser tattoo removal is a very effective treatment as it is pain-free and does not have any side-effects post-operatively. The type of laser used on your tattoo will depend on the colour intensity of the tattoo and your skin type.

The number of sessions of laser tattoo removal will depend on the size and colour of the tattoo.