Laser tattoo removal leaves no traces

Posted on 12 Feb, 2010

Many people have tattoos that they wish they could have removed. Whether it is because they no longer like the image, or because it was done hastily or on a whim, it can still cause people shame and regret.

There are various creams on the market which profess to gradually fade your tattoo until it has disappeared. These have been condemned by doctors around the world as they are generally proven not to work and to only harm the skin through bleaching. Therefore, the safest and most guaranteed way to remove a tattoo is through laser treatment.

Before you book anywhere for the treatment, be sure to have a personal consultation with an experienced and qualified surgeon/specialist. They will be able to see your tattoo and skin type, and be able to prescribe the treatment necessary. Some colours are more difficult to remove, and if your tattoo is a block of colour it is likely to take longer to remove.

Most tattoos will need more than one session of laser removal, but when you have undergone the sessions, your tattoo will be completely removed. It causes little irritation, and will have no side effects.

So, if you regret or dislike one of your tattoos, certainly look into laser treatment to remove it, as it is the only sure way to do it.