Tattoos are a major style statement in today’s society. People flock to tattoo artists every day to get the latest must-have design. However, this trend does have its downfalls- with more and more people opting for tattoo removal. There are many possible reasons for this- from infection caused by the ink to simply developing a dislike to the design.

There are many techniques for tattoo removal, but if you’re looking for optimum results, laser treatments are the most effective.

Laser tattoo removal can remove both cosmetic and medicinal tattoos. Different types of lasers are used for the removal of different types of tattoos including:

Q-switched Alexandrite Laser: This laser is effective in treating green tattoos.

Q-switched Nd:YAG: This type of laser is ideal for those with dark skin and is effective in treating yellow and red coloured tattoos.

Q-switched Ruby Laser (QSRL): The QSRL laser is used for treating traumatic and medicinal tattoos and works best on black and red tattoos.

Flashlamp-pumped Pulsed Dye Laser: This laser removes brightly coloured tattoos and has a wavelength of only 510m.

With the use of such advanced lasers, the tattoo removal process has become more efficient and less painful.