Laser tattoo removal – Remove those unwanted tattoos

Posted on 08 Jan, 2011

Does your tattoo look more like an ink stain on your skin? Have you lost your attachment towards your tattoo? Do you want to get rid of that inky multicoloured blotch? Laser tattoo removal is an option for you.

If you have an unwanted tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a good option. Tattoos define our personality and become an integral part of our public as well as private image. If you have a tattoo which emits a negative persona then getting it removed is the best option.

The procedure of laser tattoo removal can be time-consuming, depending on the size and placement of the tattoo. The depth and age of the tattoo are also important factors. Newer tattoos are not very easy to remove. The older ones can be easily removed as the body has absorbed some of the ink over time. Each session of the laser tattoo removal treatment is usually placed six to eight weeks apart. It needs this time because your body takes time to remove the ink particles after each session.

Laser tattoo removal is not completely pain-free, but it is better than suffering a lifetime of pain with a tattoo which damages your image. Larger tattoos take many sessions for complete removal. And, some tattoos with specific colours like peacock blue and red require a special laser for removal.

Make sure you consult a qualified doctor before undergoing the procedure. A bad tattoo can be a noose around your neck and laser tattoo removal your saviour.