Laser tattoo removal – the best alternative Laser tattoo removal works on the theory of selective thermolysis in which the targeted tattoo is usually exposed to the energy that is delivered by laser. This energy exposure results in careful demolition of the foreign pigment while causing the least damage to the surrounding skin.

Lasers can be easily applied to eliminate all types of tattoos, be it amateur, professional, medicinal, traumatic or cosmetic tattoos. The different colours of tattoos might respond in a different way to the laser tattoo removal process, but eventually, they do get removed to quite some extent. Thus, laser tattoo removal presents itself as an effective and non-persistent treatment for unwanted tattoos.

Anyone who desires to remove the unwanted tattoos can go for laser tattoo removal. The physical characteristics of a person do not determine the degree of removal, but the colours used in the tattoos do. Although the majority of tattoo colours can be lightened or eliminated, the skin coloured tattoos might experience irreversible ink darkening. This can be the case with pink, white, light brown and flesh-toned tattoo inks.

Although laser tattoo removal is the best solution for removing the unwanted tattoos, there are few things you need to keep in mind before opting for laser tattoo removal:

  • As results of laser tattoo removal are dependent on the tattoo colour, complete elimination is not possible. However, you can dramatically lighten the colour of the tattoo.
  • In order to get the maximum benefits, multiple sessions are required
  • For multicoloured tattoos, exposure of several lasers of different wavelengths may be required

Laser tattoo removal technique has brought in a less painful and effective solution for people who desire to remove their tattoos.