Laser Tattoo Removal- The Ideal Solution to Removing a Permanent Tattoo

Posted on 13 Oct, 2009

Laser tattoo removal works on the principle of selective thermolysis. During this procedure, the tattoo comes into direct contact with the laser. This destroys the pigment without damaging the surrounding skin. Lasers are used to remove all types of tattoos including cosmetic, medicinal, amateur, and professional. The different colours in the tattoo react differently to the lasers but can all be removed effectively.

The Procedure

Laser tattoo removal is a new technology which removes the tattoo by breaking down the pigment colours with a high strength laser beam. It is much simpler to remove black tattoos as black absorbs all laser wavelengths, whereas colours such as red absorb only green laser lights. Therefore, different types of lasers are used to treat different colours.

If you have a tattoo which you wish to remove then laser treatment is the only treatment which is both fast and painless. Other procedures have been known to leave unsightly scars.

Precautions and Steps To Be Followed

During laser tattoo removal you will be asked to wear protective eye shields and your skin will be tested to gauge how much laser energy will be necessary for the treatment. Generally, small tattoos require fewer pulses than bigger ones. In order to remove the tattoo completely, multiple laser sessions will be required.

After the procedure, the area should be covered with a bandage for protection and protected from sunlight.

Laser tattoo removal is the quickest and most painless way to remove unwanted tattoos without the risk of scarring.