Laser tattoo removal to get rid of your unattractive tattoos

Posted on 07 Jul, 2010

You may come across many people who are looking for an effective treatment to remove their tattoos. The reasons to remove one may want to remove the tattoo can be many, but the most common ones are outdated designs, the design not being executed properly and just a change of heart.

Laser tattoo removal treatment has replaced the traditional painful methods of tattoo removal like excision which may result in scarring. And, laser technology is a fast-growing part of cosmetic surgery.

Laser tattoo removal techniques help to remove the tattoo in a clean efficient manner. The deep skin layers are broken down resulting in dispersion of the pigments and thus removal of the unwanted body tattoo. During the process, the patient’s tattooed skin is illuminated with a laser beam of a suitable wavelength. The fragmented pigments are then removed by the body naturally. The laser surgeon will decide whether to give the patient anaesthesia by considering facts such as, how resistant the patient’s body is to pain and the depth and location of the tattoo. In most cases, patients do not require anaesthesia.

The total number of sessions to get rid of the tattoo will be decided by considering factors like the colour of the ink used, size of the tattoo and depth. A patient with a tattoo made by using multiple coloured inks may have to have more sessions. This is because there is a difference in absorption of the laser light by different colours so the wavelength may need to alter.

Laser treatments are currently the best-known treatments available for tattoo removal.