Tattoo culture has grown enormously and many people have inked some part of their body. Tattoos with different designs and colours are sported by people. However, there are some cases when the individual wants to get rid of the tattoo. This can be due to many reasons like disinterest, broader career prospects and societal pressures.

How to qualify as an ideal candidate

Laser tattoo removal is arguably the best procedure to get rid of tattoos. If you sport a tattoo and wish to get rid of it, it is important that you first consult a qualified laser surgeon. The surgeon will first determine whether you are the right candidate for the surgery. To qualify as a candidate, you should have a fair to medium skin tone with a dark coloured tattoo. The tattoo should preferably be on the upper layers of the skin. A dark colour should be used to do the tattoo shading. Black is the ideal colour. A black coloured tattoo is the easiest to remove and requires the least number of sessions.

Lower costs

Though laser tattoo removal was expensive in the past, modern technology and growing popularity have brought down the prices considerably. More people can now take the benefit of laser tattoo removal as the number of qualified surgeons and clinics has gone up.

Zero side-effects

Unlike with past procedures, modern laser tattoo removal procedures have minimum side-effects. In some cases, patients may suffer mild burns or the treated area can get slightly swollen. However, this disappears within a couple of days. As the procedure is technologically advanced, the chances of uneven skin tone and skin infection are eliminated.

Cost of treatment

The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on many factors like the type of tattoo, colours used and whether the tattoo was done by a professional or not.