Laser tattoo removal treatment is an ideal option

Posted on 26 Apr, 2010

Body art or tattoos are used by people of all ages to express themselves. Tattoos are created with the help of sharp needles and permanent tattoo ink. These needles are injected into your skin tissues to puncture the cells. The skin cells break into many pores and then the ink is injected into these pores. Laser tattoo removal treatment is an ideal alternative to get rid of outdated or unwanted tattoos.

Laser treatment is a popular option for getting rid of many skin-related issues. They help in treating numerous skin conditions like dark spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation. They are also useful in cosmetic surgery to beautify people even further.

How laser functions on the skin

The laser tattoo removal treatment is performed under strict medical supervision by professional dermatologists. They use the finest lasers to work on the top layers of the skin. The beams of the laser are passed onto the top layers of the skin, to break the coloured pigments in the deeper layers. Laser beams are absorbed by the coloured pigments which lead to the disintegration of the tattoo pigments. Doctors provide local anaesthesia and also prescribe painkillers if such a need arises.

Laser treatment depends on the tattoo

The sessions required to get rid of the tattoos depend on the size, colour and age of the tattoo. Tattoos which are created using black ink can be erased easily compared to other coloured tattoos. Black ink absorbs more light than other colours. Depending on the size and colour of the tattoos, the person may require a number of laser treatments.