Tattoos are very popular in the UK and all over the world. Sometimes body art enthusiasts are unhappy with tattoos they have received or decide that they no longer want particular images or references on their skin. The best solution for this scenario is to undergo laser tattoo removal treatment for the permanent removal of pieces of body art.

There are other methods of tattoo removal but they are painful and take a great deal of time. If you are planning to undergo laser tattoo removal treatment then you need to know more about the process.

The laser treatment process

First of all, the doctor will give you goggles to protect your eyes from the laser. During the procedure, the lasers target the pigment in the ink of the tattoo. This breaks the ink down and the remaining particles are then absorbed by the body’s natural processes.

Various types of lasers are used to help remove the different colours from the tattoos. For complete removal of the tattoo, a few factors need to be considered. These include the size of the tattoo, the colours used in the tattoo and also the area where the tattoo is located.