Laser tattoo removal – Understanding the procedure

Posted on 04 Feb, 2011

Tattoos are an excellent way of expressing yourself. However, some people’s fondness of their tattoos tends to diminish over the years. This is the reason why many individuals who have got a tattoo are now opting for laser tattoo removal. Here is how the laser tattoo removal procedure works:

Laser tattoo removal

A tattoo artist always applies the ink evenly throughout the surface of the tattoo. Thus, the laser light can selectively target the ink which needs to be erased. The tattoo is broken down into tiny fragments by the laser light. These particles are then absorbed by the body.

However, certain colours are difficult to remove compared to some others. This is the reason why you will have to attend a few tattoo removal sessions before the tattoo will be erased. There is usually a gap of at least three weeks between each treatment. During this period, the pigment is absorbed by the immune system.

Cost of the procedure

The cost of the procedure will vary depending upon the size of the tattoo. The cost can also change on the basis of the colours used. You can sometimes get discounts if you want to remove multiple tattoos.

Getting ready for the procedure

You will experience some pain during the procedure. However, the pain is negligible compared to other treatments or having the tattoo in the first place. The tattoo removal doctor will apply an anesthetic cream to reduce the pain.