Laser Tattoo Removal

Posted on 27 Mar, 2018

While tattoos are arguably more popular than ever, it’s worth noting that fashions change, and perhaps five, 10 or 20 years down the line, a tattoo that once seemed like a great idea could one day be a source of consternation or embarrassment. Almost 50% of all millennials now have a tattoo – and as many as 25% of those say they regret getting one.

For some people, the period before deciding that a tattoo needs removing is even shorter – getting inked while on holiday and realising it was a bad idea, undergoing sub-standard tattoo work by a poor-quality artist, or circumstantial changes (such as breaking up with a partner or changing opinions about a band, celebrity or sports team) can all leave people wanting tattoos removed almost as quickly as they decided to get them done. This also includes semi-permanent make up on the eyebrows.

Laser Tattoo Removal: The Solution

Thankfully, today tattoos don’t have to be permanent. Laser tattoo removal provides people with the option to safely, effectively and easily erase unwanted ink. The procedure itself is quite simple, and leaves the skin completely healthy and clear, with permanent results.

While results can vary depending on the skin type and lifestyle of the individual, the laser tattoo removal system used at the Laser Treatment Clinic is incredibly effective when it comes to erasing all types of body art including semi-permanent make up on the eyebrows.

More Than Tattoos

Nowadays, tattoos aren’t the only form of permanent or semi-permanent form of body ink. Cosmetic procedures such as micro-blading and permanent eye-brow make up can also be removed via a simple laser tattoo removal procedure.

This has given rise to an increasing number of clients wishing to reverse their ink decisions, which in turn has meant that tattoo removal technology has developed considerably over the years to cope with demand.

Cutting-edge Laser Removal Technology: How It Works

The Laser Treatment Clinic uses advanced world-leading Nd: YAG laser treatments in conjunction with marine skincare home care, which is regarded as the gold standard for tattoo removal. The home-care routine should be adhered to during and after the laser removal process for the best possible results.

The lasers work by using high-intensity light beams which break up the pigment colours. All colours can be treated, with black being the easiest to remove.

A New You

Regardless of your reasons for laser tattoo removal, the good news is that a safe and effective service is available to restore your skin and remove unsightly tattoos or semi-permanent eyebrow make-up procedures. For more information on how to regain confidence and improve your look, simply contact the Laser Treatment Clinic for a no-obligation consultation.