There are many reasons as to why someone might suffer from acne. It can be something as small as diet, but sometimes the skin simply produces too much oil allowing bacteria to grow and therefore spots and inflammations to occur.

Laser technology has allowed people suffering from acne to treat this problem directly.

History of laser technology

Laser technology has been used for many years in procedures such as eye surgery, tattoo removal, hair removal and laser acne treatment. The laser acne treatment was introduced in 2002 and the first type of laser used in this treatment was a single beam technology which was used to destroy the bacteria. Now the technology has grown tremendously and it has been proved to be successful.

Different types of laser therapy:

There are three main types of laser treatment available for acne treatment and one of them is blue light therapy which works by exposing the affected area with a low density light. The blue light destroys the bacteria which causes infection and inflammation. Pulsed therapy works with heat energy that helps in destroying glands and reduces the glands ability to produce oil. Diode laser treatment destroys the glands which are in the middle layer of the skin and it does not affect the skin. Thus, there are different laser therapies and you can go with the method which is suitable for your skin.