Nowadays, you will find many people opting for laser hair removal treatment over other methods like shaving or waxing. This is primarily because laser treatment is more effective, less painful and can remove hair permanently. In addition to this, the treatment is fast and large areas like the back, legs and chest can be targeted.

The time involved in removing excess hair completely from the body depends on various factors such as the colour and nature of the hair. Thinner, darker hair tends to respond more quickly to the treatment.

How laser hair removal treatment works

In this procedure, a beam of highly concentrated light is used to hit the hair follicles, which reduces hair growth. During the procedure, the light from the laser is passed through the skin and absorbed by the pigment of the overactive hair follicles.

With every session, the results are more visible, to the point where the skin is rendered completely hairless and the treatment is complete. After the treatment, you will find temporary redness on the treated skin. Generally, dermatologists recommend some ointments post-operatively to calm the skin. Achieve smoother skin, devoid of excess hair, with laser hair removal treatment.