Laser treatment is a relatively new process that was developed by surgeons to help with various skin conditions.

How does the Laser Work?
Doctors use lasers to vaporise the upper or affected layer of the skin so that it reveals new and smooth skin. The major advantage of a laser is that it is extremely precise and gives the doctor the flexibility to manage other areas which would have been difficult to reach.

How safe is laser treatment?
Laser treatments are usually very safe with very few reported cases of side effects. Side effects usually include mild swelling which can be controlled with ice packs. People with black, brown or olive skin can be affected as it can trigger a change in the original pigmentation. Various medicines can also trigger side effects. However, the risks are very minimal and the treatment is considered to be safe and generally risk free. Famous celebrities have used laser treatment with fantastic results.

Laser acne treatment can be used to treat acne and its scars. This treatment is also highly useful in removing tattoos and unwanted hair.

How many treatments will I need?
Due to the advancements in modern science, the concept of laser treatment has been perfected and it usually only takes just a few minutes to a few hours for the procedure to be complete- depending on the condition.