Getting rid of stretch marks has always been tough. The creams and ointments available are not as effective as they perhaps you might like. Getting rid of your stretch marks with laser technology is however a good option.

How does laser treatment work?
When treating stretch marks, an excimer laser light is used. The top layers of skin around the stretch marks are removed in this process. Unlike other laser procedures, the laser beam does not burn nor cut the skin. The molecular bonds of the tissue disintegrate when the laser beam passes through the skin.

What are the results like after laser treatments?
After the procedure, the skin naturally regenerates itself to form a new layer of skin. Your skin will actually get a new smooth look after the laser procedure.

Stretch marks happen when your body is stretched beyond natural limits. They also appear when a person is pregnant or looses and gains weight quickly. The skin on the hips, thighs and waists are most prone to stretching.

Everybody appreciates smooth and healthy-looking skin. Treating your stretch marks with the laser technology ensures that the skin remains soft. Your stretch marks can thus be removed forever with the help of laser treatment.

Laser treatments should always be performed by medical professionals to ensure guaranteed results.