Acne can be any individual’s nightmare. There are many who suffer from this chronic disease. Acne can affect a person’s self-confidence and even their social life. Acne generally affects a person during his or her teenage years. It can occur due to unhealthy eating and bad lifestyle habits. People have tried an array of treatments to cure acne, but most of these have proved ineffective.

Common body parts affected by acne

Acne generally occurs on a person’s face. However, acne breakouts can occur on the hands, chest and the back. Laser treatment can cure acne and also prevent it from re-occurring. Laser acne therapy is a great long term solution to acne treatment.

The use of laser treatment

With the introduction of laser treatment for acne, people can now breathe more easily. Numerous clinics around London are using lasers to treat acne. Laser therapy is quick and safe. The lasers remove excess oil and burn bacteria held up in the skin pores. There are numerous kinds of laser treatment used for removing acne. However, most cosmetology clinics generally use two types of laser treatments. The first kind reduces the sebaceous glands. These glands generally contain excess oil. The second common laser treatment used is one which attacks bacteria clogged in skin pores.

The procedure

A cosmetologist will apply a numbing cream on the affected skin. They will then use the laser over the skin. The laser will burn out bacteria and target excess oil held in the skin pores. The procedure lasts for about 60 minutes and generally 10-12 sessions are required for the treatment. Sometimes, touch up sessions may be required.