Laser treatment – An efficient solution for skin pigmentation

Posted on 27 Nov, 2010

Skin pigmentation is a problem that affects a particular part of the skin. It makes the affected part appear darker than the rest of the body. Skin pigmentation is characterised by discolouration or blotching on the skin. This is not necessarily a problem but certain individuals may find the presence of dark patches annoying.

Some of the different types of skin pigmentation are mentioned below:

• Age spots
• Liver spots
• Freckles
• Sun spots
• Lentigos

Skin pigmentation is caused when the body produces excessive amount of melanin. The presence of excessive melanin darkens the skin considerably. This can also affect the confidence of the person.

Bid farewell to creams

Individuals suffering from skin pigmentation treatment usually opt for creams to lighten darkened spots. However, this method is rarely effective and takes a lot of time to yield results. Skin pigmentation can now be treated via the use of laser treatment. The procedure aims at eliminating the layer of uneven pigmentation. This will allow the production of new pigment of a lighter tone. Laser treatment is well-known for fast and immediate results.

In addition, this treatment is cost-efficient in nature. However, individuals should consult a doctor who is skilled in the laser treatment method to obtain the desired results.