Laser treatment – an excellent way to remove tattoos

Posted on 12 Aug, 2010

Many people get a tattoo on an impulse. At a certain point in time, these people may then wish to get rid of it. If you are one of these people then laser treatment is the perfect option. Compared to traditional tattoo removal methods, laser treatment offers quick and effective results. As anaesthetic is applied to the skin, the whole tattoo removal procedure is virtually painless.

How lasers remove unwanted tattoos

During the treatment, lasers are directed on the tattoo and break it down. The pigments will then be removed by the body’s immune system.

It has been proven that tattoos which have black ink can be removed easily. Other colours such as yellow, blue, white and green will take a longer period of time. To remove a whole tattoo from your body, you are likely to have to undergo several sessions.

Factors which affect the cost of laser treatment

The cost of tattoo removal procedure depends on several factors:

• Size of the tattoo
• Colours used