Laser treatment – an ideal way to remove unwanted tattoos

Posted on 02 Nov, 2010

Do you have tattoos on your body and want to get rid of them? If yes, then consider undergoing laser tattoo removal. Due to great demand, lasers have been introduced in the medical field. These lasers help in removing different colours and inks from the body. The best thing about the lasers is that they can also remove large sized tattoos from any body area.

If you have finalised that you are going for laser treatment then you must understand the procedure.

Laser tattoo removal – how it works

Before beginning the procedure, the doctor applies anaesthetic on the skin which is to be treated. This helps in minimising the pain which is involved in the treatment. During the treatment, the doctor uses a device which directs lasers on the skin where tattoos are present. The lasers go deep inside the skin and break the ink into small particles. These particles are then removed by the immune system of the body.

What to do after laser tattoo removal treatment

Once you have undergone laser treatment, you have to take proper care of your skin to achieve the desired results. First of all, you have to ensure that your treated skin is not exposed to sunlight. This means cover it whenever you go out in sun. If you want to achieve quick and positive results then apply the lotion prescribed by the doctor. To avoid pain and redness, you may also have to take medicine.