Laser treatment and tattoo removal

Posted on 01 Jun, 2011

Tattoos are now very popular in the UK. It might seem a great idea to get a tattoo done when you are young, but some people do regret it later. Laser treatment is one of the most trusted methods by which you can get rid off your unwanted tattoo.

Lasers are one of the most popular methods of removing unwanted tattoos. Laser treatment provides better results than any other tattoo removal process. There is little pain involved in a laser tattoo removal process and there is little chance of scarring. Laser treatment has now been accepted worldwide because it is more effective than any other tattoo removal method.

How does laser treatment work?

Whenever you get inked, the tissue absorbs the ink and because the ink particles are too big for the tissue to absorb, they stay in the skin. Laser treatment involves breaking these particles into smaller particles by using a laser. It becomes easy for your body to get rid of these particles when they are broken down into smaller particles.

The colour of ink is one of the important factors which determine the process of removing tattoos. Black and blue ink is easy to remove while other different colours are harder to get rid off. The tattoo removal process takes between 4 and 12 laser treatments in a time span of 5 to 6 weeks. You should discuss the treatment with your dermatologist before starting the tattoo removal treatment. Consulting specialists and laser technicians can also be helpful.