Everyone knows that skin is very delicate, and skin on the face is visible to almost everyone you meet. A common condition that many people fear is acne; the most common of all skin problems which most people experience at least once in their lives.

Acne is caused by an excessive amount of oil trapped in the pores, leaving the skin inflamed and painful. Acne can make your skin appear unsightly, and can massively affect your self-confidence.

If the acne is not treated at the right time, it can form permanent scars on the skin. Acne is commonly found in adolescents approaching puberty, but can also affect fully-grown adults. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken.

Common misconceptions about acne
Many people believe that acne is caused by dirt and dust and that by scrubbing their face they can get rid of it. This is not the case; acne is actually caused by an excess of natural oils found in the skin and those people who are genetically pre-disposed to oily skin may develop it at some point in their lives.

However, there is a solution. Laser treatment could help you to get rid of your acne; it is an effective method which will not only get rid of or reduce your acne but will also prevent it from occurring again in the future.