Laser treatment for acne makes a big difference

Posted on 06 Mar, 2011

Before opting for the laser acne treatment, you should be equipped with all the information about the process. You should consult a skin specialist at a reputed laser treatment clinic to clear your doubts.

Laser acne treatment is a very effective method which reduces the spots on the skin caused by the reduction in oil production by sebaceous glands. The treatment is painless. The laser works on the lower layers of the epidermis and uproots the acne-causing-agents, by providing smooth and soft skin. Patients may have some reddish rashes on their skin after the treatment, which is supposed to reduce gradually within 10-15 days. If it persists beyond this, visit your doctor for help. The laser treatment is not suited for specific skin types.

Things to remember

Laser acne treatment must only be performed by laser specialist doctors as it is a highly advanced treatment method. Do not opt for cheaper treatments offered by small time beauty clinics and other businesses. Once done with the treatment, there are many precautions you need to take. Make sure the part of your body which was treated does not get exposed to sunlight for a couple of weeks. You will need to take some medication to prevent infection. Make a good note of all the precautionary methods provided by the doctor.