Laser treatment for acne scarring – important facts you should know

Posted on 08 Oct, 2010

Acne scarring is a common problem faced by men and women alike. Acne scars affect the overall texture of the skin, although laser treatment can help to rectify the situation.

The procedure

In this treatment, a beam of light is directed at affected areas. This treatment involves 2 important skin treatment procedures:

• Skin exfoliation
• Skin renewal

This treatment produces fresh skin cells and also promotes new collagen growth- hence improving the overall texture of the skin.

On which parts of the body can this treatment be carried out?

Acne scars are often found on the face, back and chest. All of these areas can be treated with the laser procedure.

Sessions required

The number of sessions needed depends largely on the intensity of the scars. Some individuals have deep scars which cover a large area. If you have light scars they can usually be easily treated in 5 to 6 sessions. If you have scars spread over several areas and the marks are deep, you may need around 8 to 10 sessions- maybe even more.

Are the results long lasting?

Yes, the results of acne scarring treatment are long lasting. People with bad acne scars might need to opt for maintenance treatment once in a while. In most cases though, following the precautionary measures suggested by your doctor will help you to get rid of scars permanently.