Laser treatment for dark complexion

Posted on 30 Aug, 2010

The earlier laser skin treatments were only effective for a narrow range of skin tones. There were also several myths surrounding laser skin treatments. Some people thought it to be damaging to the skin, having adverse side effects.

Earlier laser treatments

Laser skin resurfacing was found appropriate only for fair to medium skin tones. People with dark skin would suffer from burns and rash marks. Some even suffered from pigment discolouration and skin peeling. The latest laser treatments are effective to treat dark skin with ease. Cosmetic surgeons across the world have acquired the required skills and expertise to conduct laser treatments on dark skin.

Laser treatment for dark skin

Laser treatment for dark skin effectively heals the scars and removes all signs of discolouration or pigmentation. Laser treatment for dark skin is also effective to treat excess hair. The treatment was primarily meant for people who had fair skin and dark hair.  The new laser procedures developed are beneficial for all skin combinations with minimum side effects.

No more keloid scars

Laser treatments were used to treat fair skin tones. The major issues about treating dark skin were the development of keloid scars. They are thick, raised skin tissues that vary in their colour. Some of them are pink in colour while some are dark brown. These scars are harmless but may sometimes become itchy. They are undesirable to patients and may also be a cause of mental distress in some of them. Though anyone can develop keloids, people with darker skin tones and their descendants have a 15% greater chance of developing them.

Modern technological advancements have made the treatment safe and effective. Earlier, laser treatment was within the reach of only a handful of people. However, the treatment is now accessible to a large section of people.