Birthmarks are often prized by their owners because they represent an individual physical feature separating them from other people. However, others have a more complicated relationship with their birthmarks and have never been completely comfortable with them. Those who cannot help but look at their birthmarks as abnormalities or blemishes holding back their physical appearance have an option in the field of laser treatment.

Skin treatment using lasers is safe and comfortable and patients are known to use it for a whole host of skin complaints from tattoo removal to acne treatment. Birthmarks can be described as patches of pigmentation differing from the surrounding area of skin and laser treatment can help to even out the complexion and the hue in order to cause that area of pigmentation to fade into its environment.

It is important to recognise that laser treatment is based on treating the problem at hand and as such it does not cause damage to the healthy skin tissue around the affected area. It addresses the pigmentation only and leaves the patient with a more even complexion by removing areas of darker pigmentation and encouraging new tissue to stand in its place.