Laser treatment – get rid of unwanted body hair

Posted on 02 Nov, 2010

Do you want to remove unwanted body hair permanently? If so, you can opt for the latest laser treatment. Unlike old methods such as waxing, shaving and electrolysis, high-tech lasers offer permanent results. This means that once you have undergone laser treatment there is no need to worry about hair growth.

How unwanted body hair is removed

The lasers operate in such a way that they penetrate deep inside the skin and hit the hair follicles. This will stop the hair growth and remove the hair. The best thing about these lasers is that they do not affect other skin cells.

Where lasers can be used

Due to different requirements, lasers are used in removing unwanted body hair from any part of the body. This includes the back, chest, abdomen, legs, arms, etc. You can also easily remove hair from your chin, cheeks, nose etc.

How to qualify for laser treatment

It has been proven that people with light skin and dark hair are perfect for laser treatment. This is because dark colours can easily absorb laser light. However, almost anyone can undergo laser treatment and enjoy hairless skin.

Is laser hair removal painful?

No, the hair removal procedure is virtually painless. This is because the doctor applies anaesthetic on the skin before the laser treatment.