Out of the vast numbers of people who choose to get tattoos, it is unsurprising that some regret their decision. There are a number of tattoo removal treatments, but none is quite as effective as laser tattoo removal. It is quick, painless and exhibits fantastic results. If you are planning to undergo laser tattoo removal treatment then make sure that you understand the whole procedure properly.

In this process, the beam of the laser is focussed on the area that is tattooed. The light directly impacts the ink pigment which breaks up as a result. After this, the colours of the tattoo are absorbed by the body’s natural processes.

Before undergoing the process, your skin will be tested to make sure you will not experience any ill-effects as a consequence of exposure to the laser. As soon as the session is completed, an ice pack is placed on the treated area. It will also need protecting from the sun immediately post-treatment.

Laser tattoo removal is more effective on black or dark tattoo colours because they have greater contrast with skin tones. Clearly, the size of the tattoo plays a major part in how long the treatment will take to complete. Before undergoing the process, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.