Laser treatment helps you with unwanted tattoo removal

Posted on 03 Nov, 2009

Laser treatment is the latest and most effective way to remove unwanted tattoos, as it is specifically designed to completely remove the tattoo from the skin without leaving any scars or marks.
Some factors which may influence the treatment

Size – The size of the tattoo directly affects how long the treatment will take. Small tattoos can be removed easily, whilst larger ones may require a greater amount of time in order to eliminate them completely.

Colour – The majority of tattoos are a simple black colour, and these are fairly easy to remove. However, this is not the case with multi-coloured tattoos, as red, blue and yellow inks require a number of treatment sessions before being totally erased, and green and white colours are especially difficult to remove as they require multiple wavelengths.

Some tattoos can require 15 to 20 treatments before they are completely removed. Turquoise-coloured tattoos are the most difficult to eliminate because there is no laser that targets the colour effectively.

How it works
During the tattoo removing process, the laser’s high-energy light breaks the tattoo ink into tiny particles which are then absorbed by the skin cells around it. After a number of sessions using this process, the tattoo will be completely eradicated. This process may cause a small level of discomfort, but most treatment centres use anaesthetic lotions to reduce this.