Laser treatment is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair

Posted on 18 Oct, 2010

Are you worried about unwanted body hair? If your answer is yes, then laser hair removal is an ideal option for you. Unlike traditional methods such as waxing, shaving and electrolysis, lasers are known for permanent results. If you want to undergo laser treatment then consult a doctor and they will decide whether it is appropriate.

How lasers work on unwanted hair

During the treatment, the doctor uses a laser on the hair follicles which are located deep inside the skin. This procedure stops the growth of unwanted body hair. The best thing about these lasers is that they do not affect or damage the cells which are around the hair follicles.

Where lasers can be used

Unlike other removal methods, lasers can treat body parts such as legs, back, chest and abdomen. Lasers can also remove unwanted facial hair and bikini line hair. Today, not just women but also men opt for laser hair removal.

How much time will it take to remove body hair?

The time taken to remove hair from your body depends on various factors such as the size, thickness and colour of the hair. Even the skin tone plays an important role. It has been proved that individuals with dark hair and light skin respond best to laser treatment. This is because dark colours can absorb lasers in a better way than light ones. Generally, the whole procedure is completed within 6-8 weeks.