Laser treatment removes tattoos safely and effectively

Posted on 22 Dec, 2011

The most common cause for tattoo regret would appear to be the result of getting a tattoo inked at a young age, with subsequent life changes leading to the tattoo becoming an embarrassment.

Unfortunately, tattoos are designed to be permanent; they are made so by the size of the particles in the ink, which are too large for the body to break down and remove naturally.

In the past, tattoo removal has been attempted using a variety of methods, from dermabrasion to the application or injection of pigeon faeces… These methods did not always produce good results and carried greater risks of infection and skin damage.

Laser tattoo removal offers a safer and more effective way to remove unwanted tattoos. When applied to the tattoo, the pulsed light causes the pigment particles to heat up and disintegrate. The body is then able to start removing the ink from the tattoo site, causing it to fade.

A course of treatment is generally needed; there is no magic one-shot removal process, and it is important to remember this when getting a tattoo done. Results are also better when a tattoo is darker and uses fewer colours, as these tend to respond better to treatment.