Laser treatment – stop worrying about unwanted body hair

Posted on 11 Nov, 2010

Are you searching for ways to remove unwanted body hair? If yes, then consider undergoing laser hair removal treatment. Today, many people all around the world who are suffering from excessive hair are opting for laser treatment. This is because it offers permanent results within just a few sessions.

How laser hair removal treatment works

During the process of laser treatment, the doctor uses a hand-held device which throws advanced lasers on the area that needs to be treated. The laser light hits the hair follicles which are placed deep inside the skin. This will stop the hair growth permanently.

Which areas can be treated by laser?

Today, both men and women all around the world are undergoing laser treatment to remove unwanted body hair. This is because the high-tech lasers can be used on shoulders, underarms, bikini lines, thighs, chests, legs and hands. The latest lasers can also remove hair from eyebrow, upper lip, nose tip, chin and ear.

Who is perfect for laser hair removal treatment?

People who have light skin and dark-coloured hair are ideal for laser hair removal treatment. This is because the lasers can be absorbed easily by the dark hair which makes the treatment quick.

Are there any side effects of the laser treatment?

One of the best things about laser hair removal treatment is that it offers the desired results without any side effects. Many people only suffer from temporary itchiness and redness which disappears within a few days. You can apply prescribed lotions on the treated area for quick results.