When you first start researching laser treatment or go along to a laser treatment London clinic, you are likely to encounter a number of words, terms and phrases that you have never heard before. In fact, many are only ever used in the field of laser treatment.

To make sure you know exactly what to expect from laser treatment, it can be useful to know a little more about what these terms and phrases mean. Here are a few of the most commonly used and their definitions (continued in pt.2):

Melanin. This is the pigment that makes your hair and skin the colour they are. It is produced by melanocytes in the skin.

Pigmentation disorders. These are disorders caused by your skin cells making too much or little melanin, usually because they have been damaged. This causes patches or spots of lighter, darker or discoloured skin.

Hyperpigmentation. This is when too much melanin has been produced and excessive colouration of the pigmentation in the skin occurs.

Hypopigmentation. This is when too little melanin has been produced and decreased colouration of the pigmentation in the skin occurs.

Post-inflammatory pigmentation. This is when the treated areas of the skin temporarily darken immediately after laser pigmentation treatment. This will usually fade after a period of time.

See part 2 of this guide for more definitions of terms and phrases commonly used in the world of laser treatment.