If you are considering getting laser treatment but are confused by the terms and phrases used to describe treatments, you may find this guide to laser treatment terminology very useful. Alternatively, you could sit down for a chat with your laser treatment specialist and clear up any misunderstandings.

In the first part of this guide, we looked at terms and phrases mainly relating to pigmentation and melanin. Let’s look at some others:

Chromophores. Literally meaning ‘lover of colour’, these are pigmented substances known as photon acceptors found in living tissue that are great at absorbing light. In laser treatment, chromophores are used as targets to help guide the laser.

Sapphire crystal waveguide. This is a guide used to conduct the filtered light of the laser to the target chromophores, located in the tissues which are causing unwanted skin lesions or pigmentation problems.

Collagen. This is a type of protein that works alongside elastin to support the body’s tissues, giving them form, strength, flexibility, resistance and firmness. When you age, collagen degradation takes place, causing wrinkles. Laser treatment is able to boost collagen to promote healing and the growth of new skin cells.

See part 3 of this guide for the last few definitions of commonly used laser treatment terminology.