Do you face the problem of excessive hair growth? Do you want to remove this excess hair permanently? If your answers are yes, then why not think about undergoing the latest laser hair removal treatment? Compared to other methods such as shaving and waxing, lasers provide permanent results quickly.

Laser treatment – Which factors affect the hair removal time?

The time involved in removing the hair completely depends on various factors such as the colour, size and thickness of the hair. In addition to these factors, even the skin tone and area which needs to be treated may affect the length of treatment. If you have light coloured skin and dark hair then it is easier to remove the hair. This is because the lasers can be easily absorbed by darker colours.

Which areas can be treated?

The best thing about laser treatment is that it can easily remove hair from various body parts. These include the legs, arms, hands, abdomen, chest, pubic area, back and face. This means that apart from the area around the eyes, you can remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere.

How does laser treatment work?

At the time of the laser treatment, highly concentrated light is directed towards the hair follicles which are located just underneath the skin. This helps reduce hair growth greatly. Today, different types of lasers are used to treat different hair growth problems. All you have to do is undergo a few sessions to have a hair-free treatment area. After the treatment, you might suffer from temporary redness or swelling. This swelling or redness will subside after a few days and is not a cause of worry.