Laser treatment – understanding the use of lasers

Posted on 16 Aug, 2010

Laser treatment is a process that has been developed by scientists to help in the healing of various skin ailments. The basic function of a laser is to vaporise the affected part thereby exposing a new layer of the skin. This treatment is mainly used for wrinkles and acne removal.

How safe is laser treatment?

Laser treatment is usually very safe but rare cases of side effects have been reported. The side effects include mild swelling on the treated part which can be controlled using ice packs. If the swelling increases, consult your doctor, who will then examine you and prescribe an anti inflammatory.

Number of sessions needed

Due to the advancement in modern science, laser treatment has been perfected to the extent where it takes only one or two sessions for the procedure. Cases which involve the removal of coloured tattoos might require more sessions.

Preparations and precautions

When opting for laser treatment, it is important to ensure that the clinic is authorised and equipped with state of the art technology. The surgeon should have appropriate licensing and authorisation to carry out the procedure.

Consulting your family doctor before undergoing the procedure is advisable. Prescription pills such as Accutane can hamper the rehabilitation process and should be discontinued.