Laser treatments – A step into the future

Posted on 05 Jul, 2010

Modern science has offered a lot to people with skin ailments over the years. It does not stop there. Science keeps on advancing and the new entry into the world of advancing medical science is LASER or its full-name: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser treatment is an easy and relatively pain-free process. It takes little time for the patient to recover and get back to daily activities. These are just some of the advantages of laser treatment.

What types of laser treatments are available?

There are many types of treatments that laser surgery can offer. This includes cosmetic changes like tattoo and hair removal as well.

Laser tattoo removal

When a Laser is focused on a part of the tattoo, it breaks down the pigments of the tattoo. The body absorbs this pigment and the tattoo fades naturally with time. This is applicable for dark coloured tattoos. Coloured tattoos, especially green and yellow are more challenging to remove, but can still be done.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a process in which the beam of the laser is concentrated on the follicle of hair to be removed.  It causes localised damage to the melanin in the follicle while keeping the rest of the skin unaffected.

Laser surgeries, if perfected in the future, have the potential to replace the traditional surgical procedures. It is a pain-free process, which has minimum risks depending on the skill of the laser operator. The healing time for laser treatments is almost negligible as compared with other surgeries. Most of the patients with minor skin ailments can be up and off to work within hours of the treatment.