Laser treatments are suitable for darker skin tones

Posted on 19 Jul, 2010

Modern people are very conscious about their appearance. This stretches from the clothes they where to the shape of their bodies. However, there are certain things that cause many people to feel negatively about heir body image that they feel they cannot change, including skin complaints.

Medical professionals have pioneered techniques to help people with issues regarding their skin. They have introduced unique procedures to fight problems like acne, scarring, pigmentation and unwanted hair.

The early treatments were suited for lighter skin tones only. However with time, various new procedures have been developed to combat skin problems of darker skin tones.

Treating darker skin tones
Laser treatment for black skin is conducted through laser skin surfacing. The procedure involves aiming beams of laser light at the affected area of the skin. These pulses of laser light help in removing the upper scarred or damaged layers of skin. This process aids in forming of new skin as new collagen is produced. Collagen is a protein tissue responsible for maintaining the quality of the skin and its elasticity.

Laser treatment is very effective
Laser treatment is an effective and result-oriented process for improving scar damage and irregular pigmentation problems. Laser treatments have proved effective in acne removal too.

After the surgery, ice packs can be applied to the treated area to curtail swelling of the region. The laser surgeon will administer medicines to deal with any pain or discomfort which might be felt during the healing process.