Laser treatments for stretch marks

Posted on 08 May, 2011

Stretch marks are a problem for a vast number of people. Over time, these people have heard countless claims from companies producing various creams and medicines, asserting they can cure their stretch marks – most of which prove fruitless.

These days, there are laser treatments available which help you get rid of stretch marks on your body. Laser stretch mark removal treatment helps in diminishing white and red stretch marks from any part of your body. To obtain the best results, a series of treatments and sittings are required. Laser treatment helps in lessening the visibility of these marks.

Laser treatment for red stretch marks

Laser treatments are highly effective on red stretch marks. Laser treatments can reduce the redness of red stretch marks. Laser treatment also prevents these marks from expanding. Red stretch marks are often more visible than white stretch marks and therefore pose more of a cosmetic problem. There are very few side effects of this treatment.

Laser treatment for white stretch marks

Red stretch marks often fade to white with time. Laser treatment helps cure these stretch marks if they are hampering your body image. The treatment not only stops them from growing but reduces the effect of the marks on your body. A series of treatments are required to get rid of these blemishes.