Laser treatments – make acne history

Posted on 04 Jan, 2011

Acne is every teenager’s major concern. However, in some cases even adults are not spared. Acne outbreaks, when they occur, can leave the skin with scarring. Thus, for prevention of any further outbreaks, consultation with a qualified dermatologist (skin care specialist) is strongly advised.

Reasons for acne

Acne is caused by two major culprits – oil and a bacterium called P acne – together they clog the sebaceous glands in the skin and result in inflammation. Even though the exact reason for the blocking of sebaceous glands is not known, hormone levels during puberty, stress and diet are considered largely responsible.

Acne no more

Acne treatments may vary according to levels of intensity and frequency of outbreaks. The severe cases require a powerful and meticulous treatment schedule. Acne treatments come in several forms including the laser treatment method which has proven to be by far the most effective at providing a solution to the problem. Laser treatments provide a wonderful solution by getting rid of acne and its scars permanently.

Laser treatments – application

Laser skin treatments have now become the most reliable cure for all kinds of skin conditions. Acne is just one of the several skin conditions taken care of by laser healing. Stretch marks, pigmentation problems, and even tattoo removal can all be addressed via laser treatment now.