Laser treatments offer beautiful stretch mark free skin

Posted on 03 Mar, 2011

Many people have doubts about laser treatment for the removal of stretch marks. This is mainly because people have the misconception that laser treatment is only effective in breaking down or vaporising damaged tissue, not actually repairing it.

Lasers can be highly effective in encouraging new growth of the damaged collagen. Collagen is a protein tissue which is responsible for maintaining the quality of the skin and also its elasticity.

Great advantages and benefits

Those who strongly advocate laser treatment for stretch mark removal do so because they have felt the usefulness of the treatment. They are aware of its numerous benefits. Laser treatment can seal broken blood vessels, remove injured skin tissue and also reshape the fibres of the damaged middle skin. Along with the removal of stretch marks, laser treatments have been extensively used for smoothing wrinkled skin. You will find several topical creams and ointments in the market that claim to be able to remove stretch marks. However, they are effective only up to a certain limit.

A comparison between lasers and conventional methods

There is enough evidence to prove that laser treatments can effectively fade stretch marks thus making them virtually invisible. However, earlier laser treatments were effective only on dark coloured marks. This meant that laser treatment would only respond positively when the stretch marks were a brownish or reddish colour. Now, with enhanced technology, we can use a special laser called a pulsed dye laser that can effectively remove light coloured stretch marks.