A wide variety of skin conditions today find either a cure or a significant reduction in the severity of the condition by the application of lasers. Laser treatments are simple, safe, trouble free and offer long lasting or permanent results in most cases.

Here we have answered some of the FAQs about laser treatments.

Will the laser harm my skin?

Laser treatment has a fixed treatment plan which will ensure the absolute safety of your skin. The intensity of the laser is controlled and kept within safe levels at all times. The risk of over exposure is hence negligible. The qualified laser treatment practitioner will always understand the nature of your specific skin type and carry out the treatment accordingly.

Are laser treatments effective?

If you complete the treatment schedule without missing a single session and follow all the procedures advised and prescribed by your doctor, you will be satisfied with the results.

What are the different skin conditions that can be taken care of of by laser treatment?

Laser skin treatments offer solutions for excessive hair growth such as Hirsutism, acne reduction, acne scar reduction, stretch mark removal, pigmentation and dark spots. It is a safe procedure which gives long lasting results.